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Billings, Shea shbllngs@gmail.com 435-723-8164 435-230-1242  
Jones, Jerry V jerry.jones@besd.net 435-734-4934 435-752-4159  
Post, Rachel rachelbpost@gmail.com 435-734-0271 801-808-1034  
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Stiver, Emily camnem@gmail.com 435-734-4934 801-644-3253  
Summers, Lenet lenetsummers@hotmail.com 435-723-8910 435-881-9720  
Wixom, Maribeth maribeth.wixom@besd.net 435-734-4934 435-225-3097  
Community Council Meeting Times 2013-14  

Community Council meetings will be held the third Monday of the month at 3:30 PM at the school.  There are two third Mondays that are school holidays so those days will of necessity be moved to the 2nd or 4th Monday of the month. Proposed dates are as follows:    

Monday Oct 21, Monday Nov 18, Monday Dec. 16, Monday Jan 13 or 27, Monday Feb 10 or 24, Monday Mar 17, Monday April 21, and Monday May 19 (perhaps earlier to approve Trustland plan).

Trust Lands End of Year report  

Willard Elementary School Trust Lands End of Year report 2011-2012 The focus of the trust lands plan for Willard Elementary school was reading, math and technology. The funding allowed us to hire a trust lands aide to help with literacy for 4.25 hours 4 days a week from the beginning of October 2011 to the middle of May 2012. Math encompassed making materials for teachers to send home to parents for practice on math facts and the printing of formative and summative assessments. We purchased clickers for the Smart Boards so that students could take assessments online. We were allocated $13,305.00 to expend for the year and with all of our expenses taken out we had a remainder of $7015.00 to carry-over into the 2012-13 school year plan. Some of this carry over will be expended on additional technology for the classrooms and the remainder will be held over for the 2013-14 school year as we anticipate a drop in funding because of student numbers. If you have questions you may contact the school at 435-734-4934 Sincerely, Jerry V. Jones Principal

Change of Departure Policy   If a student is going home a different way than they usually do, they must have a note from their parents or guardians indicating such. Please send a note or call the office if your child's departure plans change. Thanks!

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Mission Statement
Our mission at Willard Elementary School is to promote a safe, caring, and supportive environment where all students have the opportunity to be successful and to develop the skills necessary for responsible citizenship, appropriate social interaction, academic expertise, and desire for life-long learning.